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Wide Range Of Equipment

Here at KJ Strength and Performance we have a wide range of equipment and setups. The gym has everything you need to start out on your fitness journey along with equipment for the more advanced gym user. Our equipment ranges from dumbells and slam balls to assault bikes, multiple squat racks and much more.

Qualified Coaches

All coaches here at KJ are fully qualified and prepared to help you get started on your journey. We pride ourselves on our passion for helping people and providing a personal service that will leave you feeling confident that you have made the right decisions in regards to your training and nutrition goals.

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People Of All Experiences Welcome

Our gym welcomes people of all experiences. If you are just starting our on your fitness journey then KJ is the place for you. The atmosphere and sense of community in our gym is another thing we pride ourselves on. We believe having a sense of community and a fun environment is another factor that will help you acheive your goals.


All Covid Protocols In Place

We currently have 12 training stations in the gym with each class capped to 12 members.  We have sanitizing stations throughout the gym.  Each person will have their own station area marked out to ensure enough space is provided between each station.  Each person will have their own equipment to ensure there is no sharing of equipment.  Each station will have a clean microfibre cloth and disinfectant spray.  There is a one way in and a one way out system in place.  All doors will be open including our shutter door to provide plenty of ventilation.

If you would like a walk through of how everything works please make an appointment and we’d be more than happy to show you.

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