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Intense Training


Here at KJ Strength and Performance we pride ourselves in our top quality coaching and our no BS goal based fitness program. We are here to make you stronger, faster and a whole lot leaner.


Our program is geared towards performance, but couple that with our nutrition guidelines and that athletic body you have always wanted is just around the corner.


We are proud of our gym facility and the results our members achieve are nothing short of outstanding. If you are into fad diets and quick fixes this place is just not for you. If you are determined and open to instruction and will give it everything you have every time you step through our doors there is no other place like it!


We don't do diets, we eat to perform.


We don't exercise, we train.


We are not average, we are anything but!


Real training, real results for real people.


After focusing on our mission, we now know it is to help busy adults become and stay healthy in a family friendly environment. We are a strength and performance facility where people who previously had difficulty sticking to a program reach their goals through customised programming.


We offer top class programming, coaching and nutrition guidance with a fully personalised approach. With that in mind, we recognised that group classes are not always the best way to serve everyone's individual needs. So we have created a new semi private personal training only area in the gym to allow personal training clients the space they need to thrive.


Our personal trainer membership will go above and beyond what other gyms are offering with support, accountability and education at the forefront of everything we do. Your personal training membership will give you access to coaching systems and software, daily accountability, training and nutrition plans designed around you as an individual and the life you lead.


Our coaches will be by your side every step of the way.


From the very beginning you will be onboarded to personal training and go through an initial consultation to set you up with crystal clear vision on how your personal training will look and how we can best help you achieve your goals.


If you are interested in starting personal training simply click the link below:

monthly membership


student rates available

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