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Team Strength and Conditioning


Our approach to delivering strength and conditioning for GAA teams.


Strength and conditioning training plays a vital role in unlocking the true potential of GAA athletes.

As the popularity of the GAA continues to soar, the demand for optimal performance among GAA teams has reached new heights.


Whether it's hurling or football, the physical demands of the GAA athlete requires a specialised approach to training.


At KJ we take pride in our unique methodology and dedication to delivering the highest quality strength and conditioning programs tailored specifically for GAA teams. Our approach allows us to unlock the best in GAA athletes and help them excel on the field.


Comprehensive Needs Assessment


We begin by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment for each GAA team we work with.

We believe in the power of individualised training programs, taking into account the specific demands of the sport, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the team.


Our team of experienced strength and conditioning coaches closely analyse the requirements of the GAA game, considering factors such as agility, power, endurance, and injury prevention.


Tailored Training Programs


Based on the needs assessment, we design customised training programs that address the specific goals and challenges of each GAA team. Our programs focus on enhancing the key physical attributes required for success in Gaelic games, including speed, strength, agility, and mobility.


We emphasise a holistic approach, incorporating both strength training and conditioning exercises to ensure players are well-rounded and capable of performing at their peak.


Periodisation and Progression


We understand that GAA seasons are demanding, with players needing to maintain their performance levels over an extended period. To optimise performance and reduce the risk of injuries, our strength and conditioning programs employ periodisation and progressive overload principles.


We carefully structure training cycles, integrating different phases such as the off-season, pre-season and in-season, to ensure athletes peak at the right time. Regular assessments allow us to track progress, adjust training loads and fine-tune programs accordingly.


Sport-Specific Drills and Techniques


To excel in GAA, athletes must possess the technical skills and movement patterns specific to the sport. In addition to strength and conditioning exercises, we incorporate sport-specific drills and techniques into our training programs. This integration helps players improve their game-specific skills, such as striking, catching, tackling, and evasive maneuvers. By blending physical development with technical proficiency, we equip GAA teams with a comprehensive edge over their opponents.


Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


Injury prevention is a crucial aspect of our strength and conditioning approach.  We prioritise exercises and training techniques that help reduce the risk of common injuries in Gaelic games, such as hamstring strains, ankle sprains, and shoulder issues.


Additionally, if a player does suffer an injury, our team collaborates with sports therapists and physiotherapists to aid in rehabilitation, ensuring a safe and efficient return to play.


As a team of coaches we are there at every point of a the season to provide whatever is needed for our athletes to deliver the best possible performance on the pitch.

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