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beginners program

Our Beginners Program is designed to introduce new members to how we do things at KJ Strength and Performance.  You will eventually move into our main strength and conditioning sessions only when both yourself and your coach feel you are ready.

While not designed for you to become a master of every exercise within a month, this program will ensure you have a basic understanding of the exercises, movement patterns and coaching cues we use in our daily Strength and Conditioning group sessions.

Learning a new exercise is the same as learning any new skill, it takes coaching, time and plenty of practice for you to master it. Here at KJ we tell you exactly what you need to do and show you how to do it, motivating you to get the best out of your training and yourself.



We are not the first gym to use principles of Strength and Conditioning as a format for training our members. BUT - what we have done is create a platform of programming and coaching that allows beginners to the gym and more experienced members to train together side by side. Our classes are innovative, specific, results and performance driven.

monthly membership


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