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We are extremely excited to announce that we have become the very first facility in Cork to be an official affiliated gym with HYROX UK.


Hyrox is a fitness race for all abilities and a fun way to test your fitness against like minded fitness enthusiasts. It’s not just for the elite, it’s for absolutely everybody!


There are no complex movements within the Hyrox methodology and races therefore attract beginners and elite athletes in categories or varying abilities.


Here at KJ we feel that Hyrox will be a fantastic addition to what we currently offer at our gym facility and know that our members will love this addition to our class timetable.


The fundamentals of Hyrox is fitness and that is what we do best - we deliver strength and conditioning helping our members achieve their high performance goals by getting fitter and stronger.

Hyrox sessions require a number of key components for an individual to thrive :


Highly Trained coaches.


A friendly and fun training environment.


All the equipment and space to provide the ultimate Hyrox experience.


And after investing in a number of new pieces of kit for the gym we feel we can now offer the full Hyrox experience to allow our members to prepare to enter Hyrox events and be competitive!


Our gym facility provides the space required to drag sleds, do wall balls, farmers carry, lunge, burpee broad jump and all of the concept 2 ergs needed to hit those PB's and simulate your Hyrox race day!


We can’t wait to get you started and enjoying Hyrox!

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