KJ Beginners Course

Our Strength and Conditioning beginners course is designed to introduce new members to how we do things at KJ Strength and Performance. While not designed for you to become a master of every exercise within a month, this course will ensure you have a basic understanding of the exercises, movement patterns and coaching cues we use in our daily Strength and Conditioning classes. When learning a new exercise it is the same as learning any new skill, it takes coaching, time and plenty of practice for you to master it. Here at KJ we tell you exactly what you need to do and show you how to do it, motivating you to get the best out of your training and yourself.

  • 1 – 1 Assessment with a Coach including body composition measurements, movement screen, goal setting and personalised advice.
  • 4 private, small group, beginners sessions covering how to warm up, exercise technique, exercise modification, scaling and progression.
  • 3 main Strength and Conditioning classes of your choice on completion of your beginners sessions.
  • Learn how to train effectively under expert supervision and guidance.
  • Develop mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning.

All of the above for just €59! Spaces are limited to 10 in order to provide the highest standard of coaching and support to each participant. Also available as a gift voucher.

Next Course Dates and Times


May 28th (20 minute time slots available)

Contact info@kjstrengthandperformance.ie to book

Beginners Class Times

Monday at 8.15pm and Wednesday at 8pm (Except for Bank Holiday Monday where class takes place on Friday at 6pm)